Hello Everyone

Well, the peas are here and ready for you! Shelling peas are packed with power! Plenty of protein & fibre apart from the nutrients! If you have children they are likely to love shelling peas. Buy them on Saturday morning at Taylor Square and/or Carriage Works Markets in Sydney.

Snow peas are looking fantastic too. Buy them too & enjoy the crunchy, crisp taste! Florian & Serkan picked heaps!

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The other very important thing is a terrific invention of Steve’s to speed up the planting process. He has used his old bike wheel, added in the little pots to make the holes and a handle just in the right place. The spots are marked on the beds first by running some water through the t-tape irrigation which then shows up as little wet spots. One person whizzes along, bent double putting a finger hole in the wet spot and then the wheel is rolled along making the holes. Then the seedlings are then popped in the holes. Brilliant.

I don’t need to explain why you have to plant in each irrigation hole do I? You imagine a plant out in the last few days heat with little roots!


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Remember the spring clean for the blood orange trees early September? Have a look at the blossoms on them now! They mostly survived the southerly that blew through at dawn on Wednesday. Each one is a potential blood orange of course.


2015-10-07 10.28.40 2015-10-07 10.28.45

This Saturday there will be all the greens, mustard, mesclun, rocket for sale. Rhubarb, oranges, lemons and potatoes. Glorious!

First of the season cucumbers from Bill ready for you this Saturday. Remember a bag of peas!

2015-10-08 09.56.04  2015-10-08 09.57.21

Have a healthy, happy week.