G’day everyone. How good has this week been, a full week of sun and we finally got our seedlings so that we can get back to normal farming, (what ever that is).

We have a bit of a special surprise this week. Bunya nuts and warrigal greens, bit of a bush tucker theme going on this week,

First off this week the Bunya nuts, these are an almost wiped out tree due to the drying country and the shrinking rain forest. Its hard to explain what it looks like but kind of like a big pine cone crossed with a pineapple but when you get through the shell it is a large nut tasting similar to a chest nut. To get the nut out of the hard shell you need to either boil or rost and then crack the shell off.

The Warrigal greens on the other hand is easier to explain, it is a native spinach that you might have seen in beach vegetation.

Our Romano beans have come on really slow and now we will only have a few at taylor sq markets, hope we have more next week if the weather keeps up.

On a higher note we have been nominated for an award in the ABC Delicious produce awards for our edible weeds and the heritage beetroot. Dont know who nominated us but thanks, it is great to have people appreciate the odd or different produce and the effort we we go to grow them.

Come down and see us tomorrow and get some real aussie tucker and say g’day.