This week has been really good for me, I was relaxing by the pool having a few coldies, and when I got back we got 4mm of rain, now we can get some planting done.

There are still a few emperor mandarines but we have started with the ellendale mandarines, which are tighter skinned but beautiful to eat and also make the best juice.

The greens are still looking glamour and have been selling out quickly, as have the beetroot, both the detroit (the dark red one) and the choggia (the candy stripped one), and the tops are also good to be used as a spinach. The mâché or corn salad lettuce has been selling really well so if you want to try something different get in early and grab some.

We have three different varieties of kale this week, they have seemed to be popular in the past for both people who cook them and people who juice them.

That’s it for me this week, I think i need to go on more holidays so we can get some more rain to get the ground ready for the summer crops like corn and beans.
See you at the markets.