G’day everyone. How good was this week. Nice warm weather and cool nights, great to live in not so good for some of te vegies though, nether the less this weeks vegies are looking the best we have had for a long time, and as always tasting great.

We have our famous Chioggia beetroot back and dont forget to cook the tops up aswell, our silverbeet will be hard to find any looking better in both organic and conventional stores. Leeks and kale are also excellent. Get hold of your blood oranges or the blood orange juice before you miss out because this is the last week.

On a final note this blog isn’t just for me to blog on, anyone that has something to say or even a recipe they have that is just too good to keep to themselves drop me a line in the comments section and ill post them up for everyone to see, and as always ill see you at the market.