Hello Everyone

Lately reptiles have been dominating our sights in the paddocks! Especially the last week or so. The hot weather has brought them out.

Unfortunately some have been squashed by fast cars while warming up on the road bitumen no doubt. In the country, do drive slowly!

The excitement of the week was the tiger snake. Josh discovered it under the weed mat, flicked it out enough to get hold of it. He is a snake handler. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. The tiger snake is very venomous but not aggressive. This one just wanted to get away and Josh relocated it on our property.

We have seen three red belly black snakes, the third a five footer! And a seriously big python.

Fortunately Boris, the dastardly Jack Russell, happened to be tied up at home and couldn’t attack!


The bearded dragon is a delight and here it is, alive and well.




Michael is using an auger on the back of the tractor to drill holes for the strong straining posts for the tomatoes. The posts hold up the wires for the tomatoes to hang onto.

Watch this space as tomato planting continues next week!


Peas, peas and more fresh peas at Carriage Works and Taylor Square Markets on Saturday morning! You can also buy snow peas, cucumbers and all the usual salad greens. Get in early to get the rocket & spinach as that’s a little more limited due to the hot weather making those plants rush into flower & seed quickly.

Navel oranges are still juicy & sweet and it is the last week for mandarins so don’t miss out.

Avocadoes are good and it’s just the weather for lovely salads with healthy avocadoes, isn’t it?

Have a great week.