Hello Everyone

Quite a wet week but no damage so just the job! The workers got soaked to the skin putting up the tomato wires on Wednesday afternoon! It wasn’t that cold and working in raincoats is a matter of choice as you sweat inside the coat!

2015-11-03 11.20.58 2015-11-03 11.21.25      2015-11-03 11.22.162015-11-03 11.21.28
Yes, the corn does look like grass, well it is a grass, isn’t it!!
The cucumbers and young corn are coming up nicely.

2015-11-05 09.12.47
Tomato plants also are growing well. The wire is now up and the plants will get supported.

2015-11-05 09.13.482015-11-05 09.14.05   2015-11-05 11.25.39

Bed preparation and seedling planting goes on regardless of the weather so there will be continuous crops for sale to you at market. Make sure you get along on Saturday morning to Carriage Works market or Taylor Square market in good time. They open at 8.00am. All the wide variety of fresh supplies of greens, salads, fruits & vegies will be there.
2015-11-05 09.13.29





These beds of growing lettuce & leaves will be ready for you to eat at Christmas.




Just have a look at these snake beans growing away! Does your heart good, doesn’t it? We will be putting up trellis for support and they will be ready for harvesting in January but that depends on the heat they get from now till then. They are actually a Queensland bean but we have been quite successful growing them here, especially when we have a hot summer.2015-11-05 11.28.53










Have a healthy and happy week,