Hello Everyone

Always more maintenance needed than we have time for! Here’s Serkan pulling up huge weeds so the blue ridge mountain tomatoes can get some good  air circulation to avoid fungal diseases, and therefore no need  to spray, in this very humid February weather. The weeds are nearly taller than him! The blue ridge tomatoes will soon be ready for picking.

Josh is mowing the last of the weeds as the early process in the bed preparation. It’s got pretty dry as you can see from the cloud of dirt blowing up. In front are the young seedlings growing ready for market in a few weeks.


IMG_20150218_141748187 IMG_20150218_141514961

We are very low in ordinary rocket but have plenty of wild rocket this week. That’s so tasty! There’s the usual salad mixes and Horta. This week the main ingredients are farmers friend, milk thistle, fat hen, perilla, red & green amaranth, false dandelion and nasturtium flowers (although we are a bit short on them this week – between flowerings!)

There is ‘sweeeet’ corn, a new crop this week so extra delicious! Plenty of juicy round tomatoes but no romas and not that many cherry tomatoes, although if you get there early you will probably get some.  This weather has split a lot of them.

There’s two different sorts of figs from Barry and from Jean and prickly pears from Pat. Hope you got to taste some of those last week. Amazing inside considering how they look with the skins & prickles on. Pat has invented a brushing arrangement on rollers so they come to you with no prickles, clever man! They are so juicy inside.


There’s eggplant and red capsicum from Bill and water melon as usual. Enjoy it while the weather stays hot.

Butternut pumpkins are plentiful and good easy to add to any meal. I think they are pretty high in calcium too, cool in a salad too.

There’s oranges and lemons and limes in citrus.

IMG_20150115_095427466 IMG_20150115_095611147 IMG_20150129_125115653

Dutch cream and Sebago potatoes will be there too. Lovely with salads when you are hungry.

Of course Bunya nuts are still here too. Did you see them last week? Did you try them?

Eveleigh and Taylor Square markets are on Saturday morning and this week, as the last Sunday in the month, remember to come up and pay us a visit at Mangrove Mountain Country Markets on Sunday morning. Lots of different stalls, handicraft and food, shade from the sun, great atmosphere here surrounded by National Parks and the bush.

Have a healthy week,