We thought it would be nice to introduce you to the gang who run our Eveleigh Market stall each Saturday, so who better to start with than Katie!

Katie, also known as the Pierogi Princess, has become quite a celebrity at Eveleigh Markets… so much so that many of our fellow stall holders (such as Pat & Stick) refer to the Champion Organics stall simply as “the stall with Katie on”!

Katie in front of the Champion's Mountain Organics stall at Eveleigh Markets

How did Katie end up working on the stall? Well, Michael Champion and Katie’s dad used to work together in London back in the 70s. Katie recently moved to Australia to study Art Theory @ COFA. Being a bit of a foodie and practically part of the family what better place for her to work than on Michael’s organic food stall!

Katie says her favourite CMO produce is definitely the blood orange juice (which she proudly squeezes herself!).

What does Katie like best about farmers markets? That would be chatting to all our customers about food and sharing recipes. In fact Katie promises she will blog some recipes shortly (isn’t that right Katie? :-P). A rhubarb compote recipe in fact, so keep an eye out for that! If you don’t see her recipes soon make sure you leave an encouraging comment on the blog, or give her a nudge next time you see her on the the stall.

So, now you know who Katie is, say hello next time you see her at Eveleigh! 🙂