Hello Everyone

Hope you have managed to survive the heat this last week and braced for more next week! Michael is pretty desperate as produce levels are well down. The lettuce and broad-leafed juicy plants have really suffered.

However, Michael & Josh’s shade arrangements, very time-consuming to do, are reaping rewards and the rocket is coping better.  You’ve got to do something when thousands of seedlings costing thousands of dollars are just sizzling up! We’ve had to send workers home in the afternoons to prevent heatstroke and may not have work for all of them in a week or so.

2017-02-03 08.48.082017-02-03 08.48.242017-02-03 08.51.162017-02-03 08.51.232017-02-03 08.51.582017-02-03 08.52.192017-02-03 09.01.10 The only green that has coped and we have enough of is endive which is a lovely green although it is a bitter taste. Mainly we have baby cos. If we pick plants when they are very small then there won’t be any for next  week!                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The beans , corn & pumpkins are coming on and will be ready in a few weeks as you can see from the photos. Everything is enjoying these couple of days of lower temps and drizzle.


2017-02-03 08.50.412017-02-03 08.49.492017-02-03 08.49.562017-02-03 08.50.09 Get into Carriage Works & Taylor Square markets as early as you can tomorrow morning to get the best of the more limited range this week.

Have a cool week if you can, at least make it healthy!