Hello Everyone

This week the young cherry tomato plants are just in. Those tomatoes will be ready for picking from about mid January. You can look forward to them. Farmers have to think well ahead as you can imagine! Bill’s tomatoes will be ready before Christmas so you’ll be able to get them.

20141113_081111      IMG_20141113_085159965_HDR 

Last Friday was Josh’s birthday so a bit of cake of course! (Plus Michael finally found up a detailed contour map of the farm which Josh needed for his college work.) Maria is laughing her head off behind Josh!

 20141107_123729       20141107_123635

Today, lots of picking of course. Steve is still with us for a little bit longer which is great. Craig, back with us now university is finished for the year, is working out what he’s about to pick. He is showing a box of lettuce we will use for the salad mix.


20141106_084859    IMG_20141113_085221483   20141113_081451

Steve is picking chard, Maria is picking rocket behind the celtuce  and Marie is picking rocket as well. Doesn’t it all look fresh and juicy? The odd showers we’ve had have been good although tomorrow will be so hot we’ll start at 6.00 probably. Then we can get all the produce back in the shed into very cold spring water before the hot sun can get onto it.

20141113_080707    20141113_080904    20141113_080932

Marie is squatting picking the rocket, giving her back a break and Yoon is getting baby spinach.

20141113_080948 20141113_081331  20141113_090107

Coriander is lovely and green, flavourful as ever but is looking feathery as happens at this time of the year. So don’t be hesitant about buying it just because it has an unusual appearance!

Josh is foraging for the horta mix. He’s our expert at edible weeds now.

20141113_082356 20141113_082404 20141113_090158

Here’s some of the lovely green oak & mini cos lettuces you will be able to buy at Eveleigh and Taylor Square markets on Saturday morning in Sydney. Get in early and don’t miss out!

All the best for a healthy and happy week.