Hello Everyone

Thank goodness for the rain! Just brilliant and the plants are ‘blooming!’ It’s been good to turn over crumbly, wet earth ready for planting.

Serkan is picking lettuce, checking for perfection, naturally!

IMG_2734      IMG_2726

The sun is hot, as you can see from the amazing blue sky, so earth dries up on top quickly, but tell me a plant that doesn’t love gentle rain on it’s leaves! 

IMG_2751   IMG_2721

Very young tomato (left) and bean (right) plants just growing like crazy! In case you didn’t know, climbing plants follow the sun during the day, so that tells you which way they climb up the pole or netting. Woe betide you twining a seedling that has blown off or erred in finding the trellis round in the wrong direction!

IMG_2745    IMG_2733

Milk thistle for the  Horta mix as it is a liver tonic.  Michael & Josh making decisions about what needs picking next this morning as it gets hotter and more humid.

Happy & healthy eating!