Hello Everyone

Eveleigh Market is open on Saturday so be sure to be there. Taylor Square went well last week on its first day 2014. Thanks customers.

Here’s the boss washing baby spinach. Some is going very well but the last few days it has been really struggling in the heat. The sun is fierce. Nice fresh multi cut green lettuce ready for salad bags.

IMG_3188   IMG_3186

Serkan & Craig picking green beans although Craig is well disguised behind the flowering fennel! Lucky he’s tall or I’d have lost him.

   IMG_3183  IMG_3180

On Saturday all the usual fresh fruit & veg will be at the markets. This week particularly there are green & purple beans, sweet corn, eggplant, Lebanese eggplant, Roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, salad mixes, Horta, rocket, wild rocket, the three kinds of kale, garlic, Hass avocados and the Bok Choy is looking good.

Remember to buy your duck eggs and your Carlson’s marmalades and cordial.

Sevilles  IMG_2811

Tomatillos will be at Eveleigh only and Valencia oranges will be at both. No more navels as their season is over.

Happy & healthy eating.