Hello Everyone

Craig on Sunday, now that sounds like a great show!

He comes to pack for restaurants & co-ops for Serkan to deliver very early Monday morning. Michael absorbed in kale opposite from Craig. Quite meditative!

DSCF4632           DSCF4635

Here’s Ed inspecting his peas which are almost ready for picking, so hold your breath a little longer. He’s holding his Dutch cream potatoes which are young and perfect steamed, as potato salad or any recipe using potatoes more individually (not mashed).

DSCF4639               DSCF4643

These are the last of the pumpkins as they have sold so well. These lovely, solid, Queensland Blue are delicious for roasting and as long as you cook them long enough they make lovely soup. The evenings are still cool enough for tasty, warming soups. 

 DSCF4649   DSCF4657

Aren’t the colours of the calendula and nasturtiums just fabulous? Apart from that their healthy properties are why we put them in the Horta mix whenever they are in season.

DSCF4658   IMG_2234

This week the fashionistas amongst us are coming to the fore! Must be the lovely spring sunny weather. The bonnets are courtesy of Maria’s children’s Spring Fair celebrations. They actually work very well as sun protection, no wonder the design was used for centuries among people who have to work out in the sun and want to protect their skin. Two thirds of us are more concerned with looking flash!

DSCF4663   DSCF4664

Have a terrific healthy week!