Hello Everyone

Yesterday lots of potting up seedlings was done and also raking up dead weeds that had been slashed and then under weed mat. They all go on the compost as you can see. George is spreading them evenly.

  IMG_20141119_090347293   IMG_20141119_091015763_HDR

Josh, Serkan & Elissa  have been putting up poles to support the wires for the tomatoes this week. They have to be strong as the cherry tomato plants will grow to 2 metres high. If they were heavier fruit like roma or grosse lisse then they wouldn’t be able to grow so high. The cherry tomato plants support the small tomato and obviously are easier to pick (well for me anyway!) as you can stand up right much of the time. They also taste amazing, don’t they!

IMG_20141119_090030579     IMG_20141119_090849746

These little tomato plants are about six weeks old but you have to think ahead to two metres tall. You can see how vulnerable they are to dying if they don’t get water. Think of standing out in the sun all day this weekend for instance!


IMG_20141119_090250062     20141120_083717

Maria & Steve are picking red rib spinach here this morning. It’s green and juicy this at 6.30!

20141120_083853     20141120_083933

Here’s Yoon washing and selecting wild rocket for the last time. He is going after 6 months and we do hope he comes back one day as we shall miss him on Thursdays and Fridays.

Remember to get to Taylor Square or Eveleigh markets early enough on Saturday morning to get some of the shahtoots. They are a rare white mulberry that originally came from eastern Iran, west Pakistan, and southern Afghanistan. They are sweet and a real delicacy.

IMG_2464      IMG_20141120_112037409

Craig and Josh enjoying a joke as they wash the red rib spinach. Serkan & Steve are bagging up the navel oranges. This is probably the last week for the navels.

IMG_20141120_112103684     IMG_20141120_113641713_HDR

Plenty of delicious zucchini and cucumbers this week. Perfect for lots of salad in this warm summer weather. I grate zucchini into salad as it makes it nice and juicy, gives a bit of bulk and tastes lovely.

 IMG_2808                         IMG_2815

Have a healthy and happy week. Keep cool!