Hello Everyone

So much rain at the weekend & early in the week that Tuesday no one could work outside & Wednesday spent repairing the farm tracks so the ute could get up to the paddock! One extreme to the other!

Michael is ploughing lovely damp soil and Josh, Serkan & Craig are staking up the little tomato plants with canes as quite a lot are growing along the ground sideways! Very sticky weather, made you feel you were in a sauna! Spinach next to Josh’s knee and rocket the other side of the tomatoes.

IMG_2765    IMG_2762

Luscious greens growing well. Young purple sprouting broccoli on the left with fennel to keep the bugs away and redrib spinach on the right. New young tomato plants on the far right.

IMG_2771    IMG_2773

Serkan, with the mustard greens, hoping his hair looks cool for the photo, given the steamy weather! Josh is picking red & green mustard greens and you can only guess the hair under the hat!

IMG_2768     IMG_2770

All the usual produce  will be at the Eveleigh & Taylor Square markets on Saturday in Sydney. Why not come along on Sunday to Mangrove Mountain Country Markets  for the monthly market? Check it out on facebook & see the range of gourmet food and handcrafted goods on sale.

Happy & healthy eating.