Hello Everyone

After last week’s heat we have been very lucky with a bit of rain and a cooler week. Can you hear the plants go ‘Phew,’ and take a deep breath!! Some things did die so get in early as we will have shortages

Lots of lovely fresh food for you at Eveleigh and Taylor Square  markets on Saturday. Thanks to all the customers last week. We had a good day.

IMG_3204  IMG_3205

Today I thought I would put a few people into focus. Here are two of the best, hard workers, Serkan and Craig posing while packing the duck eggs! Royal Gala apples, very fresh and crisp, I’ve just done the taste test, delicious. Apples mostly at Taylor but a few at Eveleigh.

 IMG_3207  IMG_3209

Me and the beans or the beans and I? The box was heavier than I expected so hence the rigid expression! The beans are lovely and taste tested by me of course. Yum.

Yoon is concentrating fiercely on getting the wild rocket perfect, which he always does.

   IMG_3213 - Copy IMG_3212 - Copy

Sweetcorn has always been one of Michael’s favourite vegies so he really knows this is good. Josh & Michael checking numbers at the coolroom door – planning in action.

There’ll be the usual range of salads, but early for the rocket & spinach as we lost a lot in the heat last week. Avocados, egg plant, cucumbers, Roma tomatoes will all be there.

Valencia oranges will be there and watermelons! Fantastic, won’t the kids love it on the hot days. though personally I can eat them at anytime. Prickly pear perfect in with the fruit salad too.

Remember that we will be at Mangrove Mountain Country Markets on Sunday from 9.00am until 2.00pm along with gourmet food & hand made craft items.