Hello Everyone

We have had a good week planting after some very welcome rain on Monday night. So the new beds are all ready, final raking done and irrigation all in place beneath the soil ready for each plant. Michael is showing Elissa how to rake so that the tines don’t catch in the t-tape (irrigation) and Josh and George are doing the initial raking over the t-tape. The dark soil you can see is the rich extra compost put in to give the young seedlings a kick start. Later just before planting the little holes in the t-tape show dark by the trickle of water that’s run through to mark the place.

IMG_20141126_085921386 IMG_20141126_085928278 IMG_20141126_085932388 IMG_20141126_085936540 IMG_20141126_090017955_HDR IMG_20141126_090053497_HDR IMG_20141126_090108828 IMG_20141126_090410650

New seedlings arrived Wednesday so here’s some photos to show you the process.

    IMG_20141126_091058973_HDR IMG_20141126_091111978_HDR IMG_20141126_091045910IMG_20141126_091031415

From Stewarts big truck to Serkan’s and our utes up  the road where there’s a huge layby  so Stewart doesn’t have to try and turn in our yard. Some seedlings straight to the paddock and others back to outside the shed to wait their turn. Decisions made on which need to go in first. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth. Really good it’s a cloudy day so nothing in the blazing sun.

IMG_20141126_092418082 IMG_20141126_092450282_HDR IMG_20141126_092613079 IMG_20141126_092619436_HDR

Then up to the paddock and let’s get on with it.

IMG_20141127_092148121 IMG_20141127_092220203

The young tomato plants you saw last week are growing sturdily. Here’s flowers already on apple (lemon flavoured) cucumbers. Come on bees and pollinating insects, do your stuff!

IMG_20141127_092504545 IMG_20141127_092046957

Today picking is underway with yet a bit more rain overnight and showery this morning.

IMG_20141127_091734963 IMG_20141127_091953066_HDR IMG_20141127_092120145 IMG_20141127_092605844 IMG_20141127_092630927_HDR

Bigger market weekend coming up. We’ll see you either at Eveleigh or Taylor Square in Sydney on Saturday morning or up here at Mangrove Mountain Country Markets on Sunday morning. Do come, the forecast is for sun and dry fairly hot weather. Heaps of good things to buy.

Have a healthy and happy week.