Hello Everyone

Some produce you haven’t seen much of lately is back in abundance. Don’t forget the duck eggs at the end of this blog!

Beautiful Sydney Crimson rhubarb back this week due to the recent rain. It’s a rare and much sought after rhubarb to make delicious deserts.

Wilson plums and the Roma tomatoes will be at both Eveleigh and Taylor Square markets on Saturday morning.

IMG_2806         IMG_2803

Avocados are back and you know how healthy they are and particularly good to eat in the hot weather too. All the greens are growing well. Serkan is picking Mizuna here on the right.

IMG_2191  IMG_2787

The Roma tomatoes go into almost any recipe that I use, cold or hot and are just lovely now. Particularly anything you are cooking remotely Italian! Perfect cucumbers of course, ready for salads, sandwiches or just to munch on as a chunk! Ask a healthy child!

IMG_2807    IMG_2815

Zuchini are ready. They are great when grated in a salad (sorry – a dad joke!) especially if you want a delicious & filling salad with low calories and good health. Excellent in hot food too with tomatoes of course!

Millie, a student doctor is helping us out at present (she knows a thing or two about healthy food) and is picking mustard greens.

IMG_2809   IMG_2784

Now the important thing is to go & buy some duck eggs. If you have already tried them then I am preaching to the converted but if you haven’t then you are seriously missing out.
Duck eggs are very nutritious for a start and these are fertile and fresh. They work as a rich egg in every recipe I can think of in cold or warm weather. I use them in quiches, cakes, souffles, scrambled egg, omlettes.

They are a little bit solid as boiled or poached compared to hens eggs if you are unused to them and are expecting light & very delicate food,but I have certainly eaten them boiled. Our eggs are very fresh but, having kept ducks for years and very dependent on them as a vegetarian family with young children in the past, I wouldn’t recommend eating them raw in a mousse.

IMG_2812 The eggs can come any shade of blue or white or greenish!

Happy & healthy eating,