Hello Everyone

Michael has some special themes to tell you this week. Everyone has been working hard on the Blood Orange trees. You may think that after all is picked you sit back and wait till next year to pick again. But oh no! Here’s the story!

The weeds have tried to take over as they have been undisturbed while the oranges have ripened. Everything is picked for this year now. First the ride on mower is cautiously used a bit between trees.


DSCF4689   DSCF4690

Then the whipper snipper wipes out the rest of the unwanted weeds & grass.

NOTICE the white plastic pipe around the trunk of the tree to protect the bark from the whipper snipper. Without that the tree will gradually die from too much abrasion on its trunk – ring barking – which can cost thousands of dollars in new trees and waiting for them to become mature. These blood oranges were planted 2000 & 2001. A long wait with no income from them.

 DSCF4700  DSCF4694

Claire gets stuck into pruning – a big job – which really works your arms and shoulders after a few hours! It is the last learning job Michael wants Claire to experience before she goes back to France.

 DSCF4680   DSCF4681

Claire is still smiling, bless her, what a woman!

Kristina is painting every limb and the trunk of every tree with biodynamic paste which will promote healing of the wood after you prune when the tree has had lots of cuts. It also discourages fungi lichen & scale growth. It deters harmful insects, especially borers, from damaging and sheltering in the bark crevices. It acts as a tonic for the tree.

DSCF4699    DSCF4677

Here’s one of the finished trees. The preparation looks like mud but of course is stunning for the tree.

Michael is checking them out for any last prune needed so that they grow a good shape for next year, perfect for the tree and perfect for picking.

DSCF4696                  DSCF4712

Josh reckons you can stop feeling sorry for Serkan now. Serkan’s dog is totally recovered from the red belly black snake bite and Josh needs some attention!! Oh dear, jealous? The snake bit the wrong mammal Josh says!

Here they are picking this morning, Serkan red lettuce and Josh vetch for the horta salad mix.

Say hello at Taylor Square market when you go on Saturday morning.

DSCF4704                           DSCF4708

Last photo of Claire picking in this country for us! She catches a plane on Saturday morning. We will miss her beyond belief.



Have a good week.