Hello Everyone,

This week has to be pictures of Claire’s farewell as we had a long wriggly visitor! Josh, as you probably know is a reptile handler and has an amazing knowledge of native wild life of all kinds. The Albino Darwin Carpet Python is one of his and he brought it in to show Claire as by sheer chance she had not seen a snake while here for the 4 months. He had kept it hidden all day in its bag on top of some boxes!

She was a braver woman than me! Just had to share the moment with you all!

claire meets python                   Claire with python

DSCF4735   DSCF4738

The group photo is her farewell photo. L to R , Lucy(who works for Michael at the Eveleigh market on Sat, is qualifying as a vet but comes from up the road here; Chris (Lucy’s father); Nancy; Michael; Claire; Maria; Josh; Greg (who is remotely taking the photo); Yoon; Serkan.

This morning I thought we had a new worker but up close realised Greg had taken on a new persona!

Champion crew 2                         IMG_20141009_082358785_HDR 

Michael is explaining his gift of a booklet, called OZ-isms, to Claire, with all the perfect, teeth clenched, nasal accents! She was off to Darwin the next morning so we gave her a USB of photos so she could ‘travel light’!

Yoon is picking the lovely baby spinach that is very popular at the minute. Not surprising as its delicious as well as nutritious.

 DSCF4743  DSCF4670

Remember the lovely organic eggs. Organic feed plus the well grassed pasture these hens roam on make for the best eggs you can buy. Because they are not intensely housed and they roam on good rich pasture the eggs cost a little more than the non-organic. You have to decide your priorities with health when putting food into your body.

IMG_20140925_094037562           IMG_20141009_082448559

With the heat & bit of damp every creepy crawly has hatched. Michael is spraying those very hungry caterpillars of the white cabbage butterflies with Dipel BT (bacillus thuringiensis) which is a biological control and the only way to go organically. Otherwise there would be no green leaves left for you or I to eat.

Have a good healthy eating  week.