Hello Everyone

Good little drop of rain last night, only 3ml or so but lovely for seedlings. The days have been so sunny that plants have whizzed into flower faster than expected. It’s amazing how growth differs from year to year due to the weather, something urban dwellers & non- growers just wouldn’t realise. Josh has been collecting photos of the same seedling growths from year to year on the same dates for his uni course.

2015-09-03 07.46.20 2015-09-03 07.48.30


If you look closely you can see how warm the 7.30 am sun is by the steam coming off this heap of mulch. The same steam is coming off weed mat & plants. The mulch comes from local trees cut by Oz Grid workers clearing under the cables on our road last week. It will go around the blood orange trees to suppress the weeds.

This kale has shot taller than Steve! Kale has been known as a ‘healthy’ vegetable for a long time. It has become very trendy of late. Be aware of this and don’t let it distract you from continuing in your diet when the ‘fashion’ moves on. The glucosinolates in brassicas (mustard is a brassica as well as brussell sprouts, cabbage, broccoli etc) is what stimulates DNA repair among other healthy things for your body. Research it for yourself.

Cavelo Nero (Tuscan kale) is a great all-rounder kale to cook & eat while the scotch kale is less bitter. The purple/red kale is the most bitter. Bitter & spicy is more healthy than you might have thought! The ‘burning’ in the spicy rocket & mustard, for instance, is the glucosinolates, I understand.

Also, eat greens while fresh. They gradually lose their healthy properties lying in the fridge!


2015-09-03 07.50.23     2015-09-03 08.13.28

The vetch, used in the Horta mix,  is growing fit to bust! The plantain too.

2015-09-03 07.42.30

The usual range of salad greens will be on both stalls.

2015-09-03 07.56.13  2015-09-03 07.57.55 2015-09-03 07.59.24 

Blood oranges are still available – but only just! Soon the last picking will happen! Other citrus available is pink & white grapefruit, navels, semiola tangelos, emperor mandarins & Eureka lemons.

Make sure you get along to Taylor Square or Carriage Works (Eveleigh) markets on Saturday morning so as not to miss out!

Please checkout Taylor Square newsletter on Josh’s article this week of how to choose plants chock full of the phytonutrients that are essential to your health. Did you check out the New Scientist article? (New Scientist August 1st edition by Marta Zaraska)

Have a happy, healthy week