Hi all,

long nights but sunny days,  so everything growing well, albeit slowly.

The shading of my boundary trees in deep winter gives me good reason to “rest” the lower (deeply shaded) parts of the paddock but the top of the field is still in good sun during the day so that’s where we grow at this time of year.

This seasonal rotation is important to the soil health giving the soil time to rejuvenate and be ready for summer.

That’s why all our produce tastes so good.. good, well managed soil that makes for healthy nutritional crops.

As usual we have a great range at the markets this week and don’t forget the Peat’s Ridge Market at Peats Ridge school this Sunday.

Plenty of winter veg and a great range of citrus. Hope to see you so you can enjoy healthy, great food.

sorry still no pics but we are working on it

all the best